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The GenomeRNAi database integrates information about RNAi reagents, their annotated targets and phenotypic information based on RNAi screens in Drosophila and human tissue culture as well as in vivo Drosophila screens.

Please read more about our latest release here.



The database contains information such as reagent sequence, reagent primers and primer parameters, predicted sequence specificity and predicted efficiency for:

- more than 140.000 constructs from eight RNAi libraries for Drosophila

- more than 425.000 RNAi reagents from six human RNAi libraries



The database provides information about gene names, location, homologs (to Drosophila melanogaster or Homo sapiens) and linkouts to other databases such as Entrez, Ensembl, FlyBase, NCBI RefSeq, UniProt, GeneCards, etc.

Latest annotations for the Drosophila and human genomes are obtained prior to each release from NCBI and FlyBase.



GenomeRNAi contains phenotype data from:

  • 452 screens performed in human cells,
  • 201 screens performed in Drosophila cells

A list of all currently available screens can be accessed here.

In the process of updating pre-existing data and applying the new annotation guidelines, some screens have been removed from the GenomeRNAi database. Screen data that have been removed from the database have been archived and can be downloaded here.

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