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Home page overview


The image below shows the GenomeRNAi home page:



The user can query the database for genes, RNAi reagents, RNAi phenotypes and individual screens (search boxes in the middle column). All searches are performed in an organism-independent manner, examples of search terms are shown in the right column next to the search boxes:

  • A gene can be queried by its symbol / name or by an identifier such as Entrez, ENSEMBL or FlyBase identifier. An incomplete gene name can be used to search for gene families. Moreover, gene batch query is now possible - a list of genes (one gene per row) can be used for database search.
  • A RNAi reagent can be queried by its reagent ID. This search will only identify exact matches in the database.
  • Specific phenotypes can be queried by entering phenotype terms. As for the gene search, incomplete queries will also be matched to the database entries.
  • Individual screens/publications can be queried by entering a PubMed ID (exact matches only), the name of the first author, or a GenomeRNAi stable ID (incomplete queries also).


A list of all available screens / publications in the GenomeRNAi database can be obtained by the 'Browse' tab in the navigation menu or the 'viewing all screens' link in the right column.

The 'Site Index' tab leads you to an overview of the GenomeRNAi pages.

The GenomeRNAi screens and phenotypes can be downloaded via the 'Download' tab in the navigation menu.

Furthermore, we encourage the submission of RNAi phenotype data to the GenomeRNAi database (please follow the 'Submit your own RNAi phenotype data' link in the left column).

The 'Frequent hitters' page (link in the right column or via the Site Index button) provides lists of genes that frequently show a phenotype.

You can learn more about GenomeRNAi clicking on the 'About' tab in the navigation menu - and to be always up-to-date, use the possibilities shown in the 'Keep in touch'-box at the bottom of the page.



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