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The High-thoughput RNAi Screening Platform is part of the Division of Signaling and Functional Genomics at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ).
The central aim of the HT platform is to develop advanced technologies and cell-based assays for high-throughput screening using RNAi and small molecules in cultured human and Drosophila cells. We established a broad spectrum of cell-based assays to quantitatively measuring cellular signaling pathway activity, cell survival and growth, and multiparametric phenotypes by automated imaging.
Our particular areas of expertise are:

  • implementation of new pathway-specific cell-based assays for signaling pathways,
  • development and automation protocols to miniaturize cell-based assays and new detection modes, such as highly parallel imaging and image analysis,
  • development of new RNAi libraries.

We support internal and external screens and are open for collaborations in the area of assay development, assay optimization, screening and data analysis.

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