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The web cellHTS2 Virtual Box image is for users who dont have access to internet or couldnt resolve missing dependencies shown here: System requirements . With this image you have the complete web cellHTS2 environment without installing additional software such as the R or compiling cellHTS2 because the image includes everything and can be run out of the box.

You only need to install the open source Virtual Box software which is available for all the major OS such as Windows, Mac and various linux distributions.

How to use it

In order to use the virtual box image you have to install Virtual Box for you OS from

Download the web cellHTS2 Virtual Box Image from here and unzip it using a zip compatible extractor.

Open Virtual box and go to File> import Appliance to import the extracted image. After that, start the image.

You will get to a screen where you can choose your resolution.

After you chose your resolution, the linux kernel will boot up which will take some time.

When finished a graphical desktop will be displayed and after some seconds a html page with a short manual will show up:

Please read the information on this help manual page carefully before running web cellHTS2:

After finished reading close the window. To run web cellHTS2 double-click on the following icon on the desktop:

When you click on that icon, the firefox browser will open and automatically loading web cellHTS2 where you can then begin your analysis.

Do not trying to run web cellHTS2 with other browsers or installed browser versions which come with this linux image

Further information

In the online html manual further information about temporary files and installing new web cellHTS2 versions can be found.

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