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Frequent hitters


The 'Frequent hitters' page provides lists of genes that frequently show a phenotype according to the data included in GenomeRNAi.

In order to access the page, follow the link in the right column or go to the 'Site Index' tab and then choose the 'Frequent hitters' link:



The 'Frequent hitters' page is subdivided in three tabs: 'On frequent hitters', 'Human genes' and 'Drosophila genes':


The 'On frequent hitters' tab provides information about frequent hitters, e.g. how the calculation of the number of phenotypes per gene was done. It also provides a link for downloading the frequent hitters list.

The 'Human genes' and 'Drosophila genes' tabs provide gene lists sorted in descending order as to the number of times they have shown a phenotype. The lists can be sorted by other columns as well by clicking on the sorting arrows in the title bar. Clicking on the number of reagents link opens a window with a list of the reagents used. The output for human genes is shown below as an example:



The 'Text Search' box allows searches within the frequent hitters, e.g. a  search for 'COP1' in the 'Text Search' box will display only entries with the search term (see below).


The 'min' and 'max' boxes allow filtering of the frequent hitter results displayed - by number or percentage of hits:


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