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Our group has long-standing experience in cell-based RNAi screening in <em>Drosophila</em>. We constantly develop and optimize screening reagents and methods. We developed and generated a novel genome-wide <em>Drosophila</em> RNAi library with an optimized design. Several genome-wide RNAi screens have been conducted so far using the second-generation library (Heidelberg 2). This library recently served to generate a genome-wide <em>in vivo</em> RNAi <em>Drosophila</em> library (<a href="" target="_blank">VDRC KK library</a>), enabling to perform cell-based and in vivo studies using the same RNAi constructs. The library is constantly updated according to new gene annotations and further developed in terms of specificity and efficiency.

Heidelberg 1 (HFA)

This library is the original <em>Drosophila</em> library containing the HFA amplicons as templates that were generated by Renato Paro's laboratory. The library has been largely replaced by newer designs. Complete sequence information can be obtained from <a href="" target="_blank">Boutros et al.</a> (Genome-wide RNAi analysis of growth and viability in <em>Drosophila</em> cells. Science, 2004) or by browsing the <a href="" target="_blank">GenomeRNAi</a> database.

Heidelberg 2 (BKN)

The library has been completely redesigned using the software Next-RNAi (Design and evaluation of genome-wide libraries for RNAi screens. <a href="" target="_blank">Horn et al.</a> Genome Biol., 2010). The constructs have been optimized to exclude low complexity regions and other sequence motifs that induce off-target effects. The library (unpublished) contains all BKN amplicons and is arranged in different formats:
  • Genome-wide library
  • Kinase library containing three amplicons against all kinases in the Drosophila genome
  • Phosphatase library
  • Transcription factor library
  • C. elegans negative control library


Enquiries about RNAi reagents

The second-generation Drosophila dsRNA library (Heidelberg 2) can be obtained from us in a pre-aliquoted ready-to-use form. We provide whole-genome RNAi libraries, sub-libraries or custom-made sets for selected targets. Please contact us for costs and further information.